Introducing the

adVENTURE series'23

This is an opportunity for young women across Canada to connect with like-minded thinkers, practice their networking skills, learn the principles of capital markets, and begin exploring a career path in venture capital.

The best part?

It’s also a rare chance to interact directly with women who have blazed their own trail and actively supported BIG ideas from ambitious businesses that are ready to change the way we think and live.

Q&A with



Young women networking and intently listening to one another.

What is
venture capital

Venture capital is a specialized form of investment that focuses on funding businesses with the potential for massive growth.

In other words, it’s a constant search for the next big thing.

It’s also an opportunity to play an integral part in moving Canadian ideas from concept to reality.

Venture capital funds Canadian enterprises, forms the backbone of our knowledge economy, drives innovation, and cultivates a far-reaching prosperity that benefits us all.

Why choose a career in
venture capital

Venture capital needs more women. aria-hidden=

Enhancing diversity and gender equity within venture capital is crucial as it not only strengthens the industry but also paves the way for a more robust Canadian economy.

When women are underrepresented in venture capital firms, the potential for biases exists, which can result in missed opportunities for women-led startups to thrive.

That’s why we’re launching the adVENTURE Series 23’ – a series of experiences dedicated to encouraging the next generation of women business leaders to explore venture capital.

Group of young women posing after a venture capital event.